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Developing the page from scratch. We need your company profile, management details, brochures, products, photos and anything that you wish to share with or sell to the World Wide Web. We handle the registration with the service provider. It includes account opening, uploading files, configuration, etc. 

Being on the net doesn't mean bring more business. Just being on the net doesn't mean people will visit your site. It is something like opening a restaurant in the middle of the jungle which was not on the map and not accessible by road. Homepage must be promoted, registered and linked in the major web pages in order to get people to visit your site. If necessary, the homepage can be registered with more than 30,000 search engines in World Wide Web such as Yahoo, Excite, Lycos etc. All the tricks in the book will be used to get listed in all search engines and obtain higher ranking. In promoting the homepage, releasing new products and special offer notices, we will send invitation email to potential buyers. 

If you already have the homepage, which were out of date, or need updating, we do that too. Surfers will revisit if the site was constantly updated with current news and events. We will advise you of other promotion approach such as printing your internet address on printing materials which are letterhead, call cards, invoices, catalogue, etc.

The Extra Services The extra service that we give is the training and human development. Along the way we will train your staff to update, amend, redesign and maintain the homepage. We need your staff to participate in homepage development. Thatís what other companies did not offer! We will assist you to build a strong IT and Web team within your organization. A team that is ready to meet the challenge of this technology era. The team will explore the new market and generate businesses with e-commerce. The team will bring the company across all borders and boundaries.

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